How we protect your privacy


A Range of House-Wide Anonymous VPN Routers

Security and Privacy

Many so-called anonymous VPN providers say they offer complete anonymity but actually track what you do online. Spider VPN believes everyone has a Human Right to privacy. That’s why we never keep logs of your online browsing activity. Stay private, stay secure, and browse anonymously no matter what any one else demands of you.


Browse with privacy

Your Internet traffic is never logged with Spider VPN, therefore nothing can match you with an IP address or timestamp. Shared IP addresses cannot be traced back to you.


Pay anonymously

When you pay with Bitcoin or any of the other wide range of Crypto currencies we accept, the only information you need to provide is an email address, so you can stay completely anonymous. You can also use a wide range of other payment methods like PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards.


Stop spies

Spider VPN does not share your information with government or Content agencies such as Trading Standards (UK), FACT (UK), ACT, NSA, FBI etc. We don’t keep traffic logs, so there’s no possibility of your online activity leaking to any third party. The most we can give agencies is the data you give us, Name, Email Telephone etc and we rely on the Customer to give us the correct details as we do not do any checks on these details.


Spider VPN does NOT and WILL NEVER log

Your IP address (source or VPN), Browsing history, Traffic destination or metadata & DNS queries. We have carefully engineered our VPN Routers to categorically eliminate sensitive information. As a result, Spider VPN can never be compelled to provide customer data that does not exist.



What Data Spider VPN does not collect and will never collect

no activity logs and no connection logs from our users. Here’s what that means: 

No activity logs Spider VPN does not see or record which websites you visit. We never log the destination or contents of your traffic.

No connection logs. Spider VPN never logs connection timestamps, session duration or your source IP address.


Spider VPN takes your privacy seriously

Our commitment to your privacy means we never keep sensitive information and eliminate both activity logs and connection logs. Our systems are built around NOT knowing how customers utilize our services. Spider VPN cannot answer questions like “Which users were connected to a given IP address at a specific time?” or “Which users accessed a particular website?” because we simply never possess those sensitive data..